Dog Grooming at The Green

Grooming Appointments Available: Tuesday – Saturday.

(Please contact the surgery for other times)

If you are looking for the full grooming experience – a bath, clip and scissor – for your Pet, or a pampering session to tidy them up, we can offer you and your pet a relaxed and enjoyable experience with our Dog Grooming facilities at The Green.

We also do hand stripping, Puppy Grooms, De-Hair Packages, Nic’s Mix Luxury Spa Package, Cat Grooming and Rabbit Grooming.

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Filthy Dog?

Book your dog in for a grooming session with The Green Veterinary Surgery today.

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Dog Grooming Service

You can drop off your pet at a pre-arranged time, for collection later, allowing you to get on with the day’s jobs while your pet is looked after.

You will be able to discuss with Nicola, our Groomer exactly how you would like your Pet to come back to you, and we always welcome feedback from owners on how we have done.

We hope that the number of owners who keep returning to us gives a good indication of the standard of our care in our Dog Grooming service. We are certain that their dogs enjoy coming, as many of them will run into the surgery and receive a great welcome, with everyone making a fuss of them.

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Bath & Hydro-Massage System

We have an American-sourced Bath and Hydro-Massage System, which offers a much improved grooming experience for both Dog and Owner. A deeper coat clean is achieved, with more dead hair and skin scurf being removed from your pet, while offering them a stimulating skin massage, enhancing blood flow through the skin. Shampoo is removed more effectively, and a glossier coat is achieved. A healthier coat, with less residual odour and much less moulting result in you being happier with the end result.

The System will waste less water and use less shampoo, while improving the end result of your pet’s grooming session. By choosing to have your grooming with us, you also get the satisfaction of contributing to an improved environment, by saving water and reducing environmental contamination – being truly ‘Green’ at The Green.

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