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Are you looking for a Veterinary Practice to service your farm veterinary needs? For your peace of mind we offer a complete service to your farm, providing a high level of advisory input into many of our clients’ farms. Our senior vets are experienced at all aspects of farm animal work, and we give our junior vets full back up when necessary.

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Large Animal Veterinary Practice

We cover a large area as a Large Animal Vet practice in The Eden Valley, and can provide the following services:

Large Animal Veterinary Services

  • Routine herd fertility including ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis using portable Goggles Scanning (BCF Easiscan 3)
  • Herd/flock health planning
  • Semen testing/fertility testing.
  • TB testing
  • Large animal exports
  • Routine surgery
    • Ram/tup vasectomy
    • Displaced Abomasum surgery in cows
    • Dehorning and castration
  • Calving and lambing advice, interventions and caesarean section.
  • Faecal Egg Counts
  • In house Scour testing
  • Colostrum testing
  • Bronchio-alveolar lavage for diagnosing causes of pneumonia, enabling more specific preventative measures to be put in place
  • Prescriptions for Medicated Feedstuffs
  • Post Mortem Examinations
  • Mineral blood analysis
  • In house primary blood testing for rapid results for down cows, poor doing individuals, twin lamb in ewes and slow fever in cattle. This is backed up by access to the APHA laboratory at Plumpton, and the SAC laboratory at Dumfries.
  • Accredited National Johne’s Management Plan Veterinary Advisers
  • 24 hour emergency out of hours

24 Hour Emergency Out of Hours

We do our own out of hours cover as Emergency Vets in Skelton and the surrounding area.

While we use a telephone answering service, we have set up the out of hours service so we can always get a vet to attend your emergency, or respond to requests from you for advice out of hours. Just call the usual surgery number (01768 484 258), and the answering service will take your details and pass them to whichever of us is on call.

To find out more about the wide range of services that we offer please call us today. Alternatively, send us an email by visiting our “Contact Us” page.

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